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How to Get Furniture

Tarrant County Furniture Bank works with distribution partner agencies to distribute furniture.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take walk-ins, and we do not work with the general public.

If you have recently become housed from homelessness and are in need of furniture, we encourage you to reach out to your case manager and tell them about Tarrant County Furniture Bank. If they are not already partners, they can consider becoming one! We’ll walk them through it.

Distribution Partners

Tarrant County Furniture Bank’s expertise is in filling a distribution center with essential furniture. We broker, manage, and warehouse donations from private citizens, the home goods industry, and other organizations. Each week, our truck travels the city, distributing furniture to the families and individuals who have selected furniture from our distribution center, and picking up fresh donations.

Tarrant County Furniture Bank relies on distribution partners to identify the families and individuals who can most benefit from its services.

Distribution partners become Tarrant County Furniture Bank members and then schedule shopping experiences for their clients. Tarrant County Furniture Bank does not take walk-ins.

To become a distribution partner, see “Become a Distribution Partner” information below.

Become a Distribution Partner

We would love for your agency to become a Tarrant County Furniture Bank distribution partner!

Give your clients the dignity of choosing their own furniture.

Save your case managers hours of hunting down furniture, paying various people for furniture, looking for a truck and people to help, and scheduling with their clients.

To become a distribution partner, please download this form and return it to our program coordinator at

Cost Sharing


To defray some of the cost of providing our services, Tarrant County Furniture Bank requests that its distribution partners pay yearly dues, currently $100* annually.


While Tarrant County Furniture Bank would love to be able to distribute furniture for free, this would be unsustainable for operations. Per best practices of many furniture banks throughout the country, we have chosen a voucher model. Through the use of vouchers, we are able to offer high quality furniture at a fraction of the price that similar items—even used—can be purchased elsewhere. This system provides a cost-saving option to distribution partners while also taking the work out of hunting down furniture from various locations, securing a vehicle and strong helpers, picking it all up, paying for it, etc., every time you need to help a client.

Currently, vouchers are $10*/each. Distribution partners purchase vouchers in bulk so that they always have enough on hand for their case managers and clients. Vouchers are then used by the distribution partners in exchange for the pieces chosen by clients during their shopping experience.

Each type of furniture piece (i.e. couch, dresser, etc.) has a voucher value. When case managers bring clients for a shopping experience, vouchers used by the client are deducted from the total held by the distribution partner.

For a one-bedroom apartment occupied by a single person, approximately 28 vouchers will cover basic furnishing needs, all in one convenient location!

Please contact our program coordinator at or 817-732-8451 for a current voucher value-per-item list.

*Dues, prices and voucher values subject to change.

The Shopping Experience

Make an Appointment

Once an agency or organization is a distribution partner, case managers are welcome to contact us and make a shopping appointment. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Shopping experiences scheduled by appointment only.
  • Only distribution partner staff may make appointments.
  • Shopping experiences are scheduled in 30 minute blocks.
  • When scheduling a shopping experience, please ensure that your agency is a distribution partner and holds sufficient voucher credits.
  • Appointments are available on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 9am and 4pm only.
  • Appointments must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
  • Appointments can be booked up to three (3) weeks in advance.
  • Schedule a shopping experience appointment by contacting the program coordinator at or 817-732-8451.

Shopping Experience Guidelines

Ge ready to bring your client by to choose their own furnishings! Remember:

  • Each family may be served by Tarrant County Furniture Bank on no more than one occasion each 12-month period.
  • Clients must be accompanied by a case manager or agency representative. Tarrant County Furniture Bank employees and volunteers are not trained case managers. We rely on our distribution partners’ support in this area.
  • Clients may not purchase additional vouchers directly through Tarrant County Furniture Bank. If your client would like to purchase additional vouchers through a distribution partner, that is up to each distribution partner.
  • Please note that the majority of items available in our distribution center are gently used.

  • When shopping, please consider that we cannot deliver sleeper sofas or other heavy/large objects to residences above the first floor.
  • Dressers and chests of drawers are limited to one (1) for every four (4) people due to limited supply.
  • Please note that Tarrant County Furniture Bank depends on furniture donations to stock its warehouse. While we make every effort, we cannot guarantee that all items will be available for each appointment. If your client is in need of a specific item, it is best to check with us ahead of time.
  • A current voucher value-per-item list will be provided to you during your shopping experience.
  • Please contact our program coordinator at or 817-732-8451 if you would like a current voucher value-per-item list ahead of time.

Transport of Furniture


  • Clients may take their furniture with them on the day of their appointment, or they may come in person within one week of their appointment to pick up their items.
  • Clients picking up their furniture must arrive with a photo ID, a truck, a tarp, rope, padding, and assistance. Tarrant County Furniture Bank will not be able to load items.


  • Tarrant Furniture Bank can schedule deliveries of furniture for a fee.
  • Delivery fees begin at $50* and are based on distance from the distribution warehouse.
  • Delivery fees must be paid at the time of furniture selection.
    • If the client is paying the delivery fee, it must be paid in cash on the day of the shopping experience.
    • If the agency is paying the delivery fee, it may be paid by agency check. Agencies may also request that a delivery fee be invoiced.
    • No personal checks or credit card payments are accepted.
  • Please contact our program coordinator at or 817-732-8451 for a current delivery fee schedule.
  • On the day of the scheduled delivery, a driver will call 30 minutes before arrival.
  • We do not offer second deliveries. All items must be delivered on the delivery day.
  • An adult must be present to receive a delivery.
  • Tarrant County Furniture Bank cannot deliver sleeper sofas or other heavy/large objects above the first floor.
  • Tarrant County Furniture Bank cannot make deliveries above the second floor without a freight elevator.
  • Truck crews do not assemble furniture upon delivery. They do their best to help as many clients as possible each day.

*Delivery fees subject to change.

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