Update from the TCFB Board of Directors

The Tarrant County Furniture Bank has ceased operations due to a lack of funding after four years of operations, including the pandemic years. We are very grateful for our partners, supporters, and contributors. Your support enabled the furniture bank to serve many in our community in their struggles of life’s journey. Please continue in your help and support of our neighbors as the need continues.

Thank you again for your support of the Tarrant County Furniture Bank.


It’s More Than Comfort.

It’s Hope. Pride. Dignity.

It’s more than a bed, a sofa, a dining set. It’s more than comfort. Furniture represents a chance for self-sufficiency, higher levels of self-esteem and long-term stability. It provides hope. Furniture improves living conditions, helping to elevate personal pride and dignity by offering some normalcy and independence. Furniture changes lives.

Working with social service agencies and nonprofit organizations, Tarrant County Furniture Bank provides basic furniture at little or no cost to those transitioning from homelessness, while keeping unwanted, functional furnishings out of the landfill.

We envision communities where everyone has a furnished place to call home. Tarrant County Furniture Bank is good for the community, the economy, and the environment. Individuals and groups can help fulfill this mission by giving of their time, talent and treasure.

Lauren’s Story

Like so many others, Lauren* went into her marriage full of hope and the promise of a future. But when her dreams became nightmares, she bravely fled an unsafe home, taking her children from terror and abuse into an uncertain future.

Luckily, Lauren found The Gatehouse in Grapevine, where she was able to rebuild her life and her self-esteem. She worked through The Gatehouse’s program, and finally became able to stand on her own. When it was time for Lauren and her children to set up a home of their own, The Gatehouse scheduled a shopping appointment with Tarrant County Furniture Bank.

Tarrant County Furniture Bank staff welcomed Lauren to the distribution warehouse full of donated furniture, items lovingly shared by people like you. A Tarrant County Furniture Bank volunteer chatted with Lauren about her personal style, her needs, and the layout of her new apartment. “I really like the farmhouse look,” Lauren shared as she smiled at all the choices.

Together, Lauren and the volunteer looked over the couches, dining room sets, and bedroom sets to find just the right pieces. A country style dining set. A sofa and love seat with cream-colored slipcovers. A rustic coffee table and end table. A four-poster bed and matching dresser. A bunkbed set for her kids. All of these were chosen by Lauren personally.

Lauren could hardly contain her excitement. “For the first time, I’m having family to my own house for Thanksgiving, and I’ll actually have a place for everyone to sit!” she beamed. “Is this really all mine to keep?”

Yes, Lauren. It is.

Lives restored. Home rebuilt.

Because someone like YOU cared enough about someone like Lauren to support Tarrant County Furniture Bank.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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