It’s More Than Comfort.
It’s Hope. Pride. Dignity.

It’s more than a bed, a sofa, a dining set. It’s more than comfort. Furniture represents a chance for self-sufficiency, higher levels of self-esteem and long-term stability. It provides hope. Furniture improves living conditions, helping to elevate personal pride and dignity by offering some normalcy and independence. Furniture changes lives.

Working with social service agencies and nonprofit organizations, the Tarrant County Furniture Bank provides basic furniture at little or no cost to those transitioning from homelessness, while keeping unwanted, functional furnishings out of the landfill.

We envision communities where everyone has a furnished place to call home. The Tarrant County Furniture Bank is good for the community, the economy and the environment. Individuals and groups can help fulfill this mission by giving of their time, talent and treasure.

Please click on the appropriate donation button below to begin the process. Thank you.

About Us

2020 Board of Directors


Andrew W. Seibert, J.D.

Vice President
Olga Luna

Melanie Williams

Liesl Manone


Miki Bloom
Nathan Daniel
Kendra Gaona

Executive Director

Teresa Huskey

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